Aerobic Treatment Plant

Cod Balance

In the wastewater treatment engineering organic pollutants are measured by the weight of oxygen it takes to oxidize it chemically. This weight of oxygen is referred to as the "chemical oxygen demand" (COD). Basically, COD is the measure of organic matter content or concentration. The best method to appreciate anaerobic wastewater treatment is to compare its COD balance with that of aerobic wastewater treatment, as depicted in the Figure below.

  • Less maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent functionality

Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Plants

Our innovative range of Anaerobic Treatment Plants is ideally suited for the pretreatment of high-strength wastewater that are typical of many industrial facilities. These anaerobic treatment plants utilizes anaerobic process that involves naturally-occurring bacteria to break down biodegradable material in an industrial waste stream. The organic pollutants are converted into methane and carbon dioxide, known as "bio-gas".
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